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The TIGERMARK Insurance Policy

 The TigerMark insurance policy is a tailor-made insurance product designed to protect issuing companies and their investors participating in online capital raising strategies.  The policy is provided by Assurely in partnership with AXA XL insurance company. 

  • Communicate a symbol of trust, safety, and confidence to your investors 

    • See a sample Issuer page where TigerMark is communicated

    • See materials to communicate directly to potential Investors

  • Customized Insurance protection against Investor complaints and lawsuits

  • No payment unless the campaign is successful

  • TigerMark gives you a market differentiator to cast a wider net to investors by showing them a symbol of validation, trust, and safety - the TigerMark

The TigerMark insurance policy purchased by an issuer which provides coverage for covered claims made against the issuer and its directors and officers from investors who allege they have lost their investment (in part or in whole) due to specified wrongful conduct of the issuer or its management.  TigerMark also serves as communication to investors that they may get their principal investment returned should the issuing company misuse the funds, purposefully misrepresent information in their offering documents, or steal the money.

Investors enjoy a seamless, simple and fast claims process to request their principal investment returned should allege the THEFT OF FUNDS or MISUSE OF FUNDS by an Insured, or material intentional MISREPRESENTATION by an Insured in the offering documents, that in any such case led to a loss of some or all of the investor’s investment in the issuer.

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