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Submit a TigerMark claim

You’re here because your investment may not have gone as planned. TigerMark is here because we want to help.

Did a company you invest in:

  • stretch the truth a bit too much and/ or try to mislead you?

  • did they use the money in ways that they shouldn't have?

  • do you think they did something really, really dumb and you want your money back?

We understand that sometimes this happens and you didn’t do anything wrong.

Upload a video or write an explanation to tell us what happened and we will respond back to you in less than 48 hours. We are here to help.

You can review a summary of the TigerMark insurance policy here.

If you prefer, you can email claims@assurely.com to submit a TigerMark claim. Please be sure to include all information requested above.


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