Our Story

Assurely was created in conjunction with Scout Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm based in New York, NY.  Scout Ventures, along with David Carpentier, was an early champion of crowdfunding and developed conviction around crowdfunding before any other venture capital firm.  Around the same time, Ty Sagalow and the Innovation Insurance Group saw the changing regulation of the JOBS Act and noticed an opportunity to develop a new product to support this new, emerging market.

In October of 2017, David and Ty met for the first time. They immediately understood their perfect alignment in developing customized products for new markets; specifically equity crowdfunding.  That is where Assurely, as we know it today, was born. Both David and Ty have strong reputations of creating new, innovative programs to support changing and/or emerging markets.  That reputation has buoyed Assurely’s brand in the space and continues to support Assurely’s growth into other markets.

Assurely is a Scout Labs company.