Vertalo and Assurely Bring Insurance to Digital Securities

The partnership creates additional benefits for both issuing companies and their investors using Vertalo’s on-chain Cap Table Platform

Assurely has teamed up with Vertalo, the operating system for digital assets, to provide the necessary insurance products to further mitigate the risks of issuing and investing in digital assets.

According to a company announcement, the initial focus of the Vertalo/ Assurely partnership includes the integration of Assurely’s inaugural insurance product, TigerMark™, into the Vertalo platform. The integration of TigerMark will provide Vertalo customers with increased safety, security and confidence as they will now have the option to insure digital securities offerings taking place on the Vertalo platform.

“Digital securities are happening today, but not enough people are noticing” commented David Carpentier, CEO of Assurely. “Fortunately, we have seen this story unfold before and in many cases, have been the ones directing it.”

Carpentier, an insurance industry innovator and entrepreneur says, the insurance industry has always played an instrumental role in helping new markets thrive and survive. From the Internet boom to cybersecurity challenges, the insurance industry has been at the forefront of educating and developing new products to match market changes. “Digital securities are no different,” adds Carpentier. “It’s insurance’s time to step up and we at Assurely, together with our partners will pave the way forward.”

This is strikingly similar to how the internet changed industries 20 years ago and we built some of the original risk products for the evolution of that life-changing innovation.
— Ty Sagalow, Chief Insurance Officer, Assurely

“The innovation around security tokens and the prospect of its impact is momentous,” says Ty Sagalow, former Founding Member of insurance unicorn Lemonade and GC/Chief Underwriting Officer at AIG and current Co-founder of InsurTech Assurely. “This is strikingly similar to how the internet changed industries 20 years ago and we built some of the original risk products for the evolution of that life-changing innovation. Insurance was critical to supporting a fundamental change in our economy and this is history repeating itself but in the capital markets. This is why we are excited to work with companies like Vertalo.”

Making investors the priority

Assurely’s TigerMark is not just for the companies issuing digital securities. Investors can also directly benefit from the policy. Investors will have access to a simple, principal investment resolution process native to the Vertalo platform, thus providing investors with a heightened level of confidence in the investment itself. In the unlikely event of needing to take advantage of TigerMark, subject to the policy’s terms, it is a completely painless process for the investor.

“Mainstream adoption of digital assets has been hindered by complicated token issuances and wallets designed for experts, leaving many waiting on the sidelines for a better user experience, says Vertalo Co-Founder and CEO, Dave Hendricks. Hendricks also says usability challenges and sub-par offerings are the reasons most investors haven’t had the confidence to invest in new digital offerings, despite their promised gains and liquidity.

“Through Vertalo’s partnership and integration with Assurely, Hendricks says, we are giving both issuers and investors more confidence that their digital securities offerings are backed by the power of insurance, protected against simple administrative errors or unfortunate malfeasance.”

Founded in 2017, Assurely is taking a technology-first approach to insurance, reimagining an age-old industry fraught with paperwork and processes and lacking solutions for today’s modern industries.

“This is no longer your old-school, golf with your insurance rep insurance company,” adds Carpentier. “We can deploy our insurance policy in an instantaneous, automated, and application-free purchasing process. We customize the risk products to exactly what is needed, when it is needed and it’s easy to understand. As an added bonus, the policy benefits both issuers and investors participating in the digital asset economy. Insurance can be used as a strategic asset again, not simply a business requirement.”

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JoAnn Healy