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An Economic Shift in the Business of Fundraising

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New routes to funding via the Internet, such as equity crowdfunding or issuing digital securities, signifies a fundamental change in our capital markets and the digital economy. It’s changing how companies access capital from all investor types, as well as giving those same investors exciting new opportunities to generate wealth and be an active stakeholder in private companies.

 New economic markets create great new opportunities but also pose new risks. To combat new risks in new markets, participants look for a symbol of trust, safety and confidence. Online capital raising strategies lack this symbol today. Before widespread adoption will occur, the marketplace needs a symbol of trust, safety, and confidence among both issuers and investors to thrive; something that regulations and crowdfunding and issuance platforms alone may not completely satisfy.


TigerMark™ is a tailor-made insurance product that benefits issuing companies and their investors, allowing for a  symbol of trust, safety and confidence to be embedded into capital raising efforts.

The insurance policy has dual purpose. It protects issuing companies against covered investor complaints and legal attacks. It also benefits investors. Subject to the policy’s terms, an investor can leverage Assurely’s innovative claims process and experience a simple and easy recourse should issuers misuse funds and/ or misrepresent statements in their offering documents. 

There is no payment for TigerMark unless the fundraising campaign is successful.

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