Is Assurely an insurance company?

Assurely is an insurance intermediary. 

Depending on the product and the client, Assurely acts as an MGA (managing general agent), an insurance broker, a referral agent, or simply a technology provider that supports insurance clients.  

What is TigerMark™?

TigerMark is Assurely's first product.  TigerMark is an insurance product where the policyholders are the companies issuing equity through crowdfunding or token offerings.  

TigerMark uniquely creates value by offering protection to issuers and platforms and allowing for investors to recoup their investment should the issuer of equity be found to intentionally misrepresent themselves in the offering documents, steal or misuses the funds that were invested. 

Where are Assurely's Offices?

Assurely is based in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.  

Who are Assurely's investors?

Assurely has attracted some of the most sophisticated insurance investors in the world as well as a host of seasoned entrepreneurs as investors.

How do I request a new product?

You can request a new as well as an existing product here.

Other - Ask Assurely

Do you have other questions?  Contact us here or by emailing us at info@assurely.com. 

I want to submit an insurance claim

Please see you specific client portal to submit a claim.