Business Analyst Internship

About Assurely

Assurely is a nex-gen insurance company.  We create and customize insurance products for emerging, disruptive, and highly transformative marketplaces.  

General Description

The Business Analyst Internship is a dynamic and tangible experience where you will be working directly with the founders of a growing and innovative company.  

Primary Responsibilities

  • Evaluating insurance trends as it relates to Assurely’s core or future business sectors

  • Evaluating market trends in capital raising, blockchain, and digital marketplaces

    • Evaluating new products within those markets

    • Market and new product research

    • Market and new product feasibility analysis

  • Support the execution business development tools and processes such as CRM

About the opportunity

  • Work directly alongside two of the most respected entrepreneurs/innovators in the InsurTech industry

    • Direct interaction with the CEO and Chief Insurance Officer

    • The founders have raised over $120mm of venture capital over the course of their careers

  • Flexible schedule

  • Enjoy the flexibility of selecting projects that meet your interests and/ or developing skill sets

  • Make a real, tangible impact and gain valuable experience (and network) through actual involvement in the business

  • Receive REAL, tangible feedback from both internal and external sources

  • Opportunity to self-direct project work, with approval and support of the ceo, based on your personal preference, knowledge, intuition and skill sets

  • Opportunity to support market research and evaluation for an upcoming capital raise (which you will have transparency to)

  • Opportunity to transition to a full-time, paid position in the future

Assurely Culture

Assurely’s culture is one of value-creation.  We strive to create value for every single stakeholder in the communities where we participate and in the industries where we operate.  Our culture looks for fresh ideas, is not ok with the status quo, asks ‘why’, and relishes in helping others succeed. People that do not see life and business as a zero-sum game will fit our culture.


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