About Us

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Assurely is a technology platform that creates and delivers new, adapted, and existing insurance products for innovative industries and emerging marketplaces. Our technology drives a new model for insurance to support the new and changing risks created by the fundamental changes in our economy and lives.

Assurely’s first product, TigerMark™ (F/K/A CrowdProtector™), protects companies raising capital through crowdfunding and other online issuance platforms, while simultaneously giving them the ability to communicate a symbol of trust, confidence, and safety as part of their capital raising efforts.

TigerMark demonstrates a new insurance product created to fit the needs of a new market, seamlessly delivered via a new model of insurance. It provides value to all the stakeholders in this new marketplace: the companies raising money, the investors, and the intermediaries who are connecting them.

Assurely continues to innovate along the entire insurance value chain as it extends into additional product lines, industries, and marketplaces.

Assurely is the next generation of insurance.